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The adventures of Eva the louse

In a small village lived Eva, with her sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles and all her relatives and friends. Only that Eva was a louse…and the little village of lice was on the head of nine-year-old Paul. His teacher couldn't take it anymore and called her parents to warn them that if they didn't do something about the lice she would have to expel him from school. The desperate parents, with the help of the teacher devised a plan which ended with Paul his hair finally washed and cut. Disaster in the louse village! The little boy acquired supernatural powers and managed to free himself and run into the arms of his beloved grandpa who was bald a bit eccentric and hard of hearing. As soon as Paul's hairy head touched his grandpa's bare head, Eva and all the lice that escaped the massacre jumped on it and after a painful journey on this deserted bald skull finally found a new Eden. 

Dear Parents,
Our new musical project The adventures of Eva the louse is a large-scale multidisciplinary project that will bring together hundreds of children from all the EMSB schools as well as the Ensemble Symphonique Chroma Musika. Under the musical and artistic direction of opera singers and choir conductors Dimitris Ilias and Maria Diamantis, this colossal project dedicated to EMSB students will consist of a book, a CD album and major concerts. Written by Mihalis Makropoulos and illustrated by Quebec artist Philippe Béha  (three-time recipient of the Governor General's Award); the adventures of Eva the louse is a funny, unique and magical story that will capture the attention of children with its humorous lyrics, illustrations and music. The songs, created by composer Giannis Georgantelis, will be performed by the combined choirs of the schools. Recording and mixing will be done by Dr. Mark Corwin (Prof. Concordia University - Juno Prize Judge). The Ensemble Symphonique Chroma Musika will accompany the children. 

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