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COVID-19 UPDATE: June 3d 2020


Maximum number of kids per camp 25-28




 Camp Instructions:

  1. For parents that have paid the fees and want a refund

Although the deadline was June 1st we are extending the deadline to June 5th if anyone wants to drop out of camp. After June 5th, absolutely no refunds will be issued. Maria and I have to pay insurance, hire staff and pay the caretakers in advance.

1.    First and foremost if you are planning to withdraw from camp you have to let us know asap. There are a lot of registrations coming in since a lot of people are not going on vacation and I want to make sure I don’t refuse them needlessly.
2.    If you have registerd and not paid  you must pay the fees by June 10th the latest. The fees are not refundable (Unless camp is canceled by a government directive). If the fees are not paid by June 10th I will assume you are not coming to camp and your registration will be cancelled. Your spot will given to new registrations or those in waiting list.
4.    Payments must be made by e-transfer to
5.    Children will NOT wear masks in camp. It is impossible to sing and dance and act while wearing a mask and that is why we are going to extreme lengths to properly social distance.
6.    Staff will wear protective gear especially when close contact is required. 
7.    There will be no adults, except for staff, allowed in voicecamp. Our end of camp concerts will be streamed live on facebook
8.    Zoom meetings with the parents will be held for info.
9.    There will be an even more detailed camp schedule and requirements in about 2 weeks.



COVID-19 Voicecamp 
Safety measures and precautions 

Adults (Voicecamp staff and parents)
• Identification of staff with symptoms of COVID-19 before entering the workplace
by questionnaire and self-assessment 
• Posters are installed, recalling the importance of hand hygiene, etiquette, respiratory and physical distancing in sensitive areas (entrance, premises, toilets, exterior doors, etc.)
• Parents, guardians, and voicecamp staff will be informed of the prevention measures implemented in voicecamp to control the risks associated with COVID-19 and make them aware of the importance of 
minimizing their movement on the camp site;
• A strict triage is established at the entrance of the site for the parent or guardian and the participant;
• Access will be refused to any participant who presents symptoms associated with the disease (fever or cough or breathing difficulties, other symptoms according to the government website);
• Access will also be refused to any participant whose parents or another person in the same residence present these symptoms or who are already placed in segregation due to COVID-19 (case or contact).
If symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever or cough or difficulty breathing or other symptoms according to the government site) appear in the camp:
• A COVID-19 emergency kit prepared in advance will be used and contain gloves, procedural masks, eye protection, a resealable bag, a tracksuit (blouse), as well as a hydroalcoholic solution at least 60%;
• The participant presenting with symptoms will be isolated in a room provided for this purpose
and wear a procedural mask. The staff member with symptoms must leave the workplace;
• Only one staff member takes care of the participant presenting with symptoms while he leaves the camp site with his parent or guardian
• The staff member must wear gloves in addition to the procedural mask and eye protection (protective glasses or visor);
• Once the participant or staff member with symptoms has left, the room will be disinfected as well as surfaces and objects touched by the participant or staff member;
• The staff member must safely remove the personal protective equipment
and throw those that are not reusable in the trash (if a trash without contact with hands is available) or in containers or resealable bags reserved for this purpose, then discard the disposable equipment. Hands will be washed immediately after
• Reusable personal protective equipment will be disinfected 
• Following the disinfection of the isolation room, hands will be washed and gloves will be put on again
to place the participant's personal items (clothes worn, cap, bottle of water, etc.) in a cloth bag or plastic for washing or to be handed over to parents or guardians;
• Parents or guardians of participants in the affected person's group and staff in contact with the symptomatic child will call 1 877 644-4545 for instructions.

Physical distance 
• As far as possible, a minimum distance of 2 meters between people must
be kept at work, from arrival to exit;
• This distance must also be maintained during breaks and lunch time;
• Handshakes and embraces will be avoided;
• Workstations and working methods have been revised to respect, as far as possible, the physical distance of 2 meters;
• The circulation and interactions between staff will be limited.

In voicecamp
• games where there is close contact with the participants will be avoided;
• preventive measures will be taken to promote physical distance between children (eg marking on the ground, cones, lines, stickers);
• play areas will be specifically reserved for different groups, so as to prevent contact between participants in these groups.
• special attention is paid to spaces that act as bottlenecks (eg: entrance to changing rooms, exit to the courtyard, stairs, backstage, etc.) to avoid queues of children being created there;
• the groups of participants and the work teams are organized to limit exchanges and contacts as much as possible
• the necessary personal protective equipment, including procedural mask and eye protection, will be provided and made available to staff in sufficient numbers.
Hand washing Washing your hands often with lukewarm water and soap or with a hydroalcoholic solution of at least 60% for at least 20 seconds limits the risks of transmission in
the workplace, in particular:
• before touching the face (eyes, nose, mouth);
• after coughing, sneezing or blowing the nose;
• before and after eating
• after handling something frequently touched or a package received;
• when entering and leaving the premises and after each use of the collective equipment;
• when entering and leaving the site;
• before wearing and when removing personal protective equipment.
Note: The staff member must also wash their hands after helping a child with eating, blowing their nose etc.

Respiratory protection
Respiratory guidelines are:
• covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and using tissues
or in elbow
• using disposable tissues;
• immediately throwing away the used tissues in the trash
• washing hands frequently
• Avoiding touching mouth or eyes.

Disinfecting surfaces
Maintaining hygienic measures with materials, equipment and surfaces frequently affected
Since the virus responsible for COVID-19 can survive on surfaces, the application of hygienic measures is essential:
• Sharing of accessories, play materials and professional devices will be limited 
• We will regularly clean and disinfect collective equipment or as soon as more than one person uses it;
• Access to disinfection products in sensitive areas of the site, will be facilitated
• Tools and equipment used by staff after each shift or when they need to be shared will be cleaned;
• Visible dirt on surfaces or objects will be Immediately cleaned and disinfected
• Eating areas after each meal will be cleaned and disinfected daily.
• Frequency of daily cleaning and disinfection of areas and objects used and surfaces frequently touched by people will be increased
• Before leaving the site, the members of staff will, if necessary, remove the eye protection and the mask in a safe way and throw the non-reusable equipment in the trash or in resealable containers or bags reserved for this purpose, then they will throw them away and disinfect the reusable equipment with a suitable product.


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