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Lesson Policies

Chroma Musika Studios Cancellation & Withdrawal Policies

Given that lessons are only once per week, we don’t have much time with students as it is. When you are cancelling more than one lesson per month on a regular basis, you are seriously impeding your rate of progress and advancement. Therefore, as an advantage to you, please prioritize your lesson time with us, as we will with you. This means 1) Keeping cancellations to a minimum. 2) Making sure your other appointments are scheduled on other days/times. 3) Asking for permanent time changes infrequently (no more than once a year is ideal). 4) Giving consideration to your music lesson time before signing up for conflicting events.

Student Illness
Please cancel if you are too sick to go to school or work. I will do the same, as a courtesy to you. (Make-up and refund policies below.)

Student Cancellations (Cancelling Your Weekly Lesson)
Acceptable reasons for cancelling are illness, death in the family, or medical emergency. Unacceptable reasons: Student didn’t practice this week, we forgot, student has a conflicting activity, student has homework/tests, we are too busy this week, etc. Please notify us in writing (e-mail, messenger or text is sufficient) of all cancellations/ time change requests. The following make-up/ refund procedures will be observed:

No-Shows: Still charged; no make-up.

Student cancels with less than 24-hours’ notice: Still charged, no make-up. Last-minute emergencies considered on a case-by-case basis.

Student cancels with 24 hours to 6 days’ notice: Eligible for a make-up lesson (no refund), all makeup lessons will be held on the last Sunday of every month

Teacher Cancellations
Teacher cancellations are generally rare. If we cancel for illness or other reason, we will offer to reschedule or refund your lesson or service. Refunds for cancellations the teacher did not reschedule will be issued and reflected on the next month's invoice as a credit.

Snow/ Inclement Weather Cancellations
We do not follow the school and government cancellations. The afternoon road conditions are often much better than the morning road conditions, so we often teach on days when the schools have cancelled. However, if road conditions are too hazardous to drive in, we will cancel lessons and offer a make-up or refund. You will be notified for same-day cancellations.

Withdrawal from Lessons
One Month’s Notice of Termination
It is our hope that you will continue your lessons for years, as many of our families do. But we understand that music lessons are not for everyone, and circumstances change. In the event that you wish to withdraw from lessons at any time of year, please provide at least one month’s notice of withdrawal (please notify us one month before the date that your next payment will be processed). Your one month’s notice will prevent future charges.

Termination of Lessons by the Teacher

This has only (fortunately) happened extremely rarely in our 30 years of teaching, but we do reserve the right to terminate your lessons for any reason. This situation can be entirely prevented by keeping your attendance in good standing and putting a good effort into your lessons and practice. We understand occasional bad practice weeks, illness, and busy schedules. So it is our hope each year to avoid this situation with all of our valued families! However, we cannot be infinitely tolerant of ongoing attendance issues, excessive cancellations, consistent lack of effort/ practice and poor attitude at the lesson.

All payments must be made on the first lesson of each month covering all the lessons of the month. We accept e-transfers, cash, or check.

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