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The Vocal Workshop, is a program developed with great success by opera singers Maria Diamantis and Dimitris Ilias over a period of 15 years. Right now, it is offered in 8 EMSB schools 1 SWLSB School and 2 schools of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal. The program  take place during the school lunch break or after school hours, for children of Grades 3-6 chosen by auditions. The purpose of the auditions is not to ascertain talent but rather to make sure that the child does not have any major vocal or intonation problems that would make his/her participation in the choir vocally stressful. 


The most important elements of the workshop are:

1. Singing technique, vocal projection, breathing and voice protection for children

2. The chorus or Glee Club performs for a variety of events like School Concerts, charitable events, etc.

3. The extensive repertoire of the chorus gives it the possibility of presenting itself without particular preparation in radios, television and other media representing the school in anyone such occasion.

4. The repertoire includes many different styles of music carefully chosen so that the lyrics are suitable for elementary school children.

5. Students learn the value and rewards that come from hard work and discipline

6. Kids grow their self-esteem knowing they are part of a group that performs regularly

7. Boys and girls of the workshop practice teamwork and cooperation with their peers from other grades

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