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Chroma Musika (DEKA 2010 & NEPMCC awards) was founded by Greek-Canadian opera singers Maria Diamantis and Dimitris Ilias. Their work has promoted high quality music activities for Canadian children,their families, their local communities as well as the general public. Since its founding in 1999 the company has produced a plethora of concerts, seminars and recordings ranging from ancient Greek music to contemporary Canadian and Hellenic composers and video game audio material.

Chroma Musika provides employment opportunities for many Quebec musicians while at the same time working with children and communities towards social harmony and wellbeing through musical projects and education because its directors believe that arts and culture are the cornerstone of society cohesion and harmony.
Its discography includes 2 CDs including the award-winning Piangerò and 3 collaborations. Chroma Musika has also produced 6 children’s operas and musicals in collaboration with famous publishing houses and labels from Canada and Greece like Planète Rebelle, Tradewind Books, Legend, Kedros Publishers, Filippos Nakas Music House and Modern Times. These productions have been very successful earning rave reviews, becoming best sellers and making it in the charts and enjoying presentations in venues like the Canadian Parliament and Montreal City Hall. Recently Chroma Musika has been contracted by Ubisoft for a lot of the ancient Greek music that is heard in The most recent Assasin's Creed games.

On May 20th 2010 Chroma Musika won the prestigious DEKA award in the Services category by the Hellenic Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal
Through Chroma Musika, its artistic Directors have developed specialized vocal Workshops in over 25 different schools as well as a unique Voice Summer Camp offered in Collaboration with the Hellenic Community of Montreal and the SIr Wilfrid Laurier School Board.


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