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Maria Diamantis and Dimitris Ilias presented with National Assembly Medals

Music directors recognized for their book/CD projects for children

On Friday May 7, Chomedey MNA Guy Ouellette presented the Quebec National Assembly Medal to soprano Maria Diamantis and tenor Dimitris Ilias.

Over the years, the two artists have worked closely with Ouellette as music directors on several projects involving hundreds of Laval children singing and recording operas for kids as book/CD projects.

A special relationship

“We are so deeply moved by this award,” said Maria Diamantis. “We have been collaborating with Mr. Ouellette for six years now on projects like The Golden Touch, L’or du roi Midas and The Carnival of Marvels and Monsters. His support has been invaluable.”

“From the first time we walked in his office, we knew we were dealing with a man of integrity and deep passion for the citizens of his riding, especially children,” said Dimitris Ilias. “This medal will be cherished forever by both of us not only as a great honor, but as a reminder of our friendship.”

Book/CDs by children for children

Via their music organizations Chroma Musika and Panarmonia Atelier Musical, Maria Diamantis and Dimitris Ilias organize a plethora of concerts, seminars and recordings ranging from ancient Greek music to contemporary composers. In doing so, they provide employment opportunities to many Quebec musicians.

Through their children’s book/CD operatic productions, they have exposed thousands of children, from over 60 ethnic backgrounds, to symphonic music and mythology.

Providing opportunities

At the same time, they have provided unique opportunities to young choristers to sing with renowned Montreal symphonic orchestras and learn how professional CDs are recorded in venues like Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Place des Arts and Église St-Jean Baptiste, to name a few.

Their productions have received dithyrambic reviews, massive media exposure and have been launched inside the Parliament of Canada, the City Hall of Montreal and the Salon du Livre de Montréal.

“The Golden Touch” featuring 200 students from the Sir Wilfrid Laurier school board was chosen among 192 applicants to be part of the City of Laval’s 50year celebrations.

Statement in National Assembly

Guy Ouellette made the following declaration in the National Assembly regarding his awarding of the National Assembly Medal to Maria and Dimitris.

“I would like today to pay homage to the soprano Maria Diamantis and the tenor Dimitir Ilias, both of whom are musical directors of Chroma Musika and Atelier Musical Panarmonia.

On the occasion of celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the independence of Greece, I gave to each of them the National Assembly Medal in recognition of their involvement, their support and their remarkable contributions to Quebec society.

“Their musical organizations, their conferences and their recordings allow many Quebec artists and musicians to make develop fully, while also helping several charitable groups substantially and financially,” added Ouellette.

(Martin Barry-Laval News)

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