Maria Diamantis honored at ELECTRA

Vocal Director Maria Diamantis guest of honor and speaker at International Women's day on March 17th at 1:30 pm at Embassy Plaza. Event hosted by the Hellenic Women’s Federation of Laval-ELECTRA

Voice Camp Mamma Mia!

Our Voice Camp this year! Featuring Mamma Mia! Join us in any of our 3 locations for a summer filled with song, dance, acting and more!

Under the guidance of top professionals, in air conditioned venues with ultra modern stages and facilities. 

The Carnival of Miracles and Monsters

This is not a city like any other!

It’s the magical city of the Carnival, the city of the terrifying King of the Night with his demons and the good Queen of the Day with her army of animals and birds. 

Eleven-year-old Finn and eight-year-old Chloe leave their village to visit the carnival dressed with the costumes that their mother has sewn. The King of the Night gets jealous of their costumes and abducts them to find their secret.

The two smart children fight back with a lot of courage. Will they succeed, in this wondrous and funny tale full of adventure and music? 


Chroma Musika in Assasin's Creed Odyssey!

Very proud to have collaborated with Ubisoft Montreal producing, directing and singing the songs that are heard on the trireme. Giannis Georgantelis composed the music of the sea shanties and we were honored to work with artists like Maria Diamantis, Marialena Spinoula, Makis Papagavriil and Theo Neofotistos who recorded demos and lead lines and of course the choirs and their conductors: My friends Petros Plarinos directing the Zakynthines Fones and Cholevas Spiros who conducted the Municipal choir of Missolonghi and did the most amazing job of transcribing, adapting and translating English songs into Ancient Greek assisted by prof. Eleni Antzoulatou.

Montreal, Laval, Rosemère! Voicecamp 2018 was an unparalleled success! Over 150 children aged 6 to 16 participated singing, dancing, acting, doing makeup and much more! See you all next year with the production of Mamma Mia!

Le Carnaval des merveilles et des monstres

Ce n’est pas une ville comme les autres ! C’est la ville magique du Carnaval, celle du terrible roi de la Nuit avec ses démons, et aussi de la reine du Jour avec son armée d’oiseaux et d’animaux.
Olivier et Coralie habitent avec leurs parents dans un petit village. Chaque année, ils vont à la ville pour le Carnaval. Pour l’occasion, ils revêtent les costumes que leur mère leur fabrique en utilisant des vieux tissus, mais cousus avec beaucoup de soin et surtout beaucoup d’amour.
À peine arrivés, les deux enfants sont enlevés par le roi de la Nuit envieux de leurs déguisements : pour lui, le Ciel avec nuages et étoiles et pour elle, la Terre couverte de fleurs multicolores. Mais les enfants se battent courageusement.
Sortiront-ils victorieux de ce guet-apens ? À suivre… dans cette histoire drôle et merveilleuse, pleine d’aventures et de musique.

Le CD est une production de Chroma Musika en collaboration avec la commission scolaire de Laval, sous la direction musicale de Maria Diamantis et Dimitris Ilias. Se sont jointes au projet les chorales des écoles Des
Cèdres et Marcel-Vaillancourt, sous la direction de Frédéric Brunel et Frédéric


Dimitris Ilias sings in Assasin's Creed Origins

Music director and tenor Dimitris Ilias sung all the lead vocals of the Ancient Greek songs featured in the new Assassin's Creed Origins game by Ubisoft. He also supervised the recordings of the instrumental music recorded in replicas of ancient Greek instruments in Athens, Greece. 

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